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Real Estate Rockstar Mastermind is a complete coaching and support program
for ambitious real estate agents who want to get all their systems in place quickly.
We offer LIVE coaching along with pre-recorded content.


Every Monday morning, we have a 30-minute  accountability call, which is a group call to evaluate your past week and set your goals for the week to come. 


Every 30 days, you will have the option of at least two bootcamps to choose from. These are 4-week courses that delve into the details of the chosen topic. You will spend at least 60 minutes each week on the live coaching session with Q&A time.

You will become a member of our Mastermind Facebook group to share questions and provide feedback to other students in the program. Our coaches also participate in the group to answer your questions.


  • 5 Simple Steps To Dominate Your Real Estate Market with Facebook Marketing with Coach Travis Thom
  • Home Staging Consultation for Real Estate Agents with Coach Hana Latyn

  • Systems for Success – Learn How to Get Prospects to Chase You Instead of Chasing Them with Coach Mike Cribbin


  • Home Staging Consultation for Real Estate Agents with Coach Hana Latyn

  • Systems for Success – Learn How to Get Prospects to Chase You Instead of Chasing Them with Coach Mike Cribbin


In addition to the live coaching, you will receive access to our LISTING UNIVERSITY website and have access to dozens of recorded interviews and training sessions.

You also will receive access to  pre-recorded programs that correspond to the live course you are taking, and will always have access to that course to supplement your training.

Each course comes with recorded training sessions, an online  course book, and downloadable tools, such as resume templates, excel call tracker, and marketing materials.


Turn expireds into listings and commissions.
Includes: Expired Plus Program


No-resistance approach that turns FSBOs into leads, listings and commissions.
Includes: FSBO Plus Program


Confident communication, powerful dialogs, controlling conversations. Being authentic without uncomfortable selling, ‘closing’, pushy scripts, or sleazy manipulation.
Includes: Core Influence Program


How to generate a steady stream of referrals from your sphere, without pestering people.
Includes: Referrals Plus guide and Referral Bootcamp pre-recorded class


Pre-listing process, solid presentation, getting listings.
Includes: Listing Presentation Plus program and editable PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation


Using video to keep in touch with leads, posting on Youtube and Facebook.
Includes: Real Estate Video Plus program and Video Bootcamp pre-recorded class



$497 Per Month

Special Introductory Rate ONLY $247 PER MONTH

Complete systems

You will have a set of step-by-step systems where you always know what to do next. Your prospecting and marketing will be organized and PREDICTABLE.

Some units of MASTERMIND include a system. As you progress through the program, some will be available online as videos, downloads, audios, etc.

Upcoming Live Sessions


First we’ll set up a plan. This will be tailored to your goals, your skills, and your market. Then every week you will have a set of specific targets and assignments to help you stay on track. We’ll evaluate and adjust: Do more of what works, and fix what does not.






Every week, you will get on a video conference call with your fellow members



A message from Hana Latyn, CEO, Real Estate Rockstars

Welcome to Real Estate Rockstars Listing University

As the new leader of Real Estate Rockstars (Formerly Borino Productions), I am taking what Coach Borino started and am moving us forward. I am finding great coaches, revamping our program offerings, supporting you and growing our team.

I started my Home Staging business from scratch in 2010. It was very difficult. However, I had the best advisor on my side, Coach Borino. He was my mentor, biggest fan and problem solver. I went from seriously nothing to a 6,000+ sqft warehouse, a team of employees and hundreds of happy clients.

In 2018, Borino persuaded me to start working on my Home Staging course, which was planned to be added to the portfolio of Real Estate Rockstars – Listing University. Then Covid-19 happened and that went to the back burner. 

It is now 2023, and I am able to pick up where we left it. I’m excited to join the group of Real Estate Rockstars coaches and add value to all members who would like to learn more about Home Staging.


Mike’s professional life as an entrepreneur began in 1974 as a new home builder. He built over 150 new homes, an apartment complex, and a shopping center.  Not long after that, He realized that his true passion was selling homes, not building them.  

Mike has been an active full time real estate broker since 1977. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in Pre-Law, three master’s Degrees, and a Ph.D. – all before he was 30.

He has set up automations in his business so that it all but runs itself. This allows him to take several months off each year to vacation with his family.  He began coaching other agents in the fall of 2014. Since then, he has continued to be an active broker and real estate coach.

As for his personal life, he enjoys reading, sports and spending quality time with his family, 7 grandkids and his golden retriever, Phineas. He enjoys vacationing, playing board games, and keeping up with St. Louis Cardinals baseball.  Mike has been bowling since he was 5 and still bowls competitively today. 

Mike is considered a Marketing Specialist by many of his peers. His specialty is teaching real estate agents how to get prospects to chase them instead of the agent chasing the prospect. He hasn’t cold called, door knocked or sent out bulk mail in several years. He has learned the secret of living a happy life. The key is to be seen as an expert in your field so prospective clients seek you.


Rosie Hayer graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering as Valedictorian & joined a Fortune 500 company as an IT consultant for several years after graduation. She was introduced to real estate while working with her husband Roger as a partner & manager of a hotel investment company.

Rosie and Roger later sold their business & moved to Austin to start a successful real estate company. As a businesswoman, wife, and mother Rosie understands the value of time & the urgency of getting the job done. As a homeowner, she values assisting & guiding her clients in their real estate transactions, from first time home buyers, veteran and investment buyers, or even selling a home and relocating, Rosie is ready to use her exceptional negotiation skills alongside her problem solving and expert communication skills to ensure each transaction closes with ease.

Rosie’s client’s satisfaction is her greatest success and she and her team have built their foundation on the principle of helping the community. Be it maximizing the sale price for a home seller and helping close in record time, to saving families from foreclosures hours before auction, repairing credit for a family so they can purchase their first home, or selling distressed properties that the owners had all but given up on, Rosie and her team have seen it all and can help guide you through any real estate transaction.

In-between closing deals, connecting with clients, and managing the Hayer Team, Rosie loves nature and traveling, visiting the local creeks and hiking trails, as well as supporting local restaurants around Austin. Above all else, Rosie loves spending time with her family, watching cartoons with her son, traveling with her husband, and enjoying family movie nights together on the couch.


Storyteller. Branding and Video Coach. Top Real Estate Agent. Broker. Team Leader. Lawyer. 

Noelle’s unique background allows her to create genuine, lasting relationships with people and has helped her to become a top producing agent, team leader, and independent broker. As a top influencer at eXp Realty, she uses innovative thought processes to elevate the real estate world by training agents on creative video, marketing and branding techniques, the art of storytelling, and how to be an effective negotiator.

Her passions are her faith, family, and community. And, she’s a Minnesōtan through and through.


Jim has over 20 years of real estate experience and has sold over 1,000 homes. He has extensive knowledge of the Tampa market and has helped hundreds of clients find their ideal home. He moved to Florida in 2004 from Columbus, OH with his wife Lori and kids, Ryan and Sydney.

He is very active in the community and Trinity YMCA. He attended Lebanon Valley College and graduated in 1989. He enjoys playing piano, singing and golf. He also has extensive experience with buying, selling and managing properties in the Tampa Bay area.

He is professional and strives to exceed his client’s expectations. Jim is a multi-million dollar team leader, RE/MAX Hall of Fame member and is in the top 3% of agents in the Tampa Bay market. 


Hailing from small-town Indiana and now living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, Jess Stone has been an established member of the Rockstars Community for over 6 years!  A consummate ball of positive energy, Jess is always ready and willing to lend a hand to help or an ear to listen.  When she’s not running around selling houses, she loves spending time with her family, exploring her new home state (whenever she has time), taking photographs of whatever strikes her fancy or writing.  Jess successfully re-created her business from scratch when she moved to Florida. She would love to share her secrets on how to quickly build your business from the ground up.

She’s incredibly excited to join the Rockstars Coaching Team and share all the tips and tricks that she learned from her long-time mentor and friend, Coach Borino.  She looks forward to helping mentor new agents and loves to remind everyone that there’s plenty of room in the sandbox for everyone – you just gotta play nice.   



Linda is the founder of Profit of Peace of MindTM and CEO of Spire Business, Inc. She mentors busy entrepreneurs to enhance positive growth and profits so they can spend more time doing what they love while still taking home more money.

Linda empowers business owners with the knowledge needed to learn and understand the “I don’t knows” about business.

As an example, Kathy, the owner of a marketing agency, engaged Linda to provide a tried and true way to get her cash flow and finances under control. After several months of working together, Kathy felt more confident as a business owner. She understood her finances, began to take steady paychecks (which did not stop due to COVID), and can now plan for her company’s future. Today, Kathy spends less time stressing over her business, doing more of what she enjoys, and is spending more time with her family!

Linda holds a degree in Economics from the Whittemore School of Business & Economics and spent over a decade working in corporate America’s finance industry before deciding to support and help entrepreneurs grow.

Outside her passion for all things business and education, Linda spends time with her family. All of them are avid water and snow enthusiasts. In her quiet time, Linda reads or quilts by the fireplace.

Stephen Hilgart


Stephen is one of the world’s leading keynote speakers in the areas of leadership, peak performance, and business strategy.

He is one of just a handful of people personally coached and trained by Tony Robbins to deliver a high-energy breakthrough message for your audience.

He will create immediate and lasting change in both your business and your personal life through his proven results-driven methods.

He has directly impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and achievers and has completed over 4,000 live trainings and workshops for companies, organizations, and audiences around the world.


Travis Thom is Co-Founder and CEO of Elevated REM. He is an industry-wide recognized Facebook Marketing Expert and Certified Facebook Marketing Partner.

Travis’s background in Real Estate provides him an in-depth understanding of the marketing needs of Agents and he used his knowledge and experience from his Advertising Agency for Real Estate to create national and hyper-local campaigns, leveraging advanced retargeting and lead generation strategies that have helped close over half a billion in closed Real Estate sales for his clients.

Travis coaches and consults hundreds of agents across the nation, serves as a consultant and advisor to Facebook’s Real Estate vertical, and recently launched a new software for listing agents called  


Real Estate Rockstars Mastermind is an ongoing coaching program. Stay as long as you’d like. No long-term contracts or obligations. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime.


You’ll have full access to the Listing University – The “Netflix” of real estate. Over 100 coaching sessions, interviews, downloads, and much more.


You will get all future program updates free – included with your membership.

  • First course available instantly
  • Choose new course every 30 days
  • Live interactive coaching and Q&As every 7 days
  • Month-to-month membership with no extra fees

You can cancel at any time


$497 Per Month

Special Introductory Rate ONLY $247 PER MONTH

15-day money back guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free. Give Mastermind a try for a full 15 days from the start of your first bootcamp class. If you’re not happy for any reason, simply let us know within those 15 days, and we’ll happily refund your money. No questions, no hassle, and no hard feelings. You may, of course, cancel your membership at anytime after the trial period with no further obligation.