You Will Discover The Hottest New Real Estate Strategies, Tactics and Tricks – Borino will ONLY Share Them With A Private Group

You will finally get unprecedented access to Borino to work on YOUR BUSINESS.


You will be able to instantly copy/paste the latest tips on getting more leads, better listings…. and more commissions.  Right now. I’ll skip the traditional “Look how smart Borino is and here are twenty reasons why you should sign up“. Let’s just get to the point… This is NOT the usual real estate coaching. You listen to some recorded “guru” talk while you answer emails and check Facebook.

Or, you get beat up over the head by some “real estate coaching intern” because you didn’t do 1,000 cold calls last week. BLEH! This is different. You will learn some cool new stuff, you will actually implement it, and you get paid. Wow, what a concept, huh?


Your Coach



Here are just some features of the
Listing University Coaching

  • Marketing Tools and Strategies

Less PUSH, More PULL. You will learn the latest marketing strategies to find motivated buyers and sellers who are ready to move now. And how to make THEM come to YOU. Copy/paste style.

  • Motivation and Inspiration

At times we all get lazy, tired, burned-out, insecure, and frustrated. You will learn how to get back on track and feel inspired, motivated, ORGANIZED, energetic, focused and disciplined again.

  • Listings PLUS

How to turn more leads into good, saleable listings, how to price them well (without a battle with sellers), and how to get them sold in 90 days or less.

  • Goldmine Interviews

Chat live with successful agents sharing the latest tips and strategies. Find out what they do, and how they do it.  Get inspired, see what’s possible… And use what works right now.

  • Webinars and Workshops

Live sessions on how to be more productive, where to find the best leads, how to turn prospects into clients, how to crush your competition… and much more. Each live session is recorded so you can download it and listen anytime.

  • Accountability and Support

Together we’ll create an effective, easy to follow plan to reach your goals. You will take simple daily steps and I’ll will make sure you’re on track. You will have direct access to me personally to ask questions and get support. Remember, we’re all in this together.



Here are just some features of the
Listing University Coaching

I know, there are many other coaching and training programs out there. How is this one any different?


Other Coaching Programs:

  • Same old “prospect-prospect-prospect”
  • It’s a numbers game
  • ABC: Always Be Closing
  • No Pain – No Gain
  • Typical real estate salesperson role
  • One Size Fits All
  • Door knock, cold call, push!
  • Long-term contract
  • Expensive – average program is $495 or more

Listing University

  • Latest marketing strategies and tools
  • Focus on quality leads
  • Soft, psychology-based strategies
  • Real estate can be profitable and FUN
  • Real estate Adviser/Councilor role
  • Customized program to fit YOU
  • Effective techniques to get motivated clients
  • No long-term commitment
  • Inexpensive – only $97 per month


One size does NOT fit all

Most real estate coaches use a simple, template-based approach: “Do as I say!” But the fact is… WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME. You have different personality, different style, different clientele, different approach, and a different market — so you want a customized coaching that fits YOU.


Here are just some features of the
Listing University Coaching


  • Live Coaching Sessions

Every 14 days we’ll get together on a live private webinar. Ask questions, get the latest tips, and a boost of inspiration. You will learn how to get the hottest leads, how to turn them into listings quickly, and how to get them sold and get paid. How to deal with your competition, objections, pricing… and much more. All recordings will be available for you in the library, organized by topic so you can re-visit each one any time.

  • Hot Seats

Stuck? Need boost right now? Experience the famous Borino Jump Start and make rapid changes that will catapult your business and get you back on track. Every month one agent will get a total business makeover — a one-on-one session with Borino.

  • Marketing Strategies

How to generate leads with expired listings, FSBOs, first-time buyers, Open Houses, social media, blogging, direct mail, sphere of influence, video, past clients, email campaigns and more.

  • Private Online Forum

The virtual Real Estate Cafe is a great place to chat with fellow agents, ask questions, get tips, post comments — but without the usual online forum noise, bickering and sales pitches. Hang out with other like-minded, motivated students, find instant answers, teach and share with others.

  • Exclusive New Content

Special new videos, recordings, live role-plays, new strategies, instant updates, copy/paste marketing materials – produced every month exclusively for the Listing University students.

  • Three Goals

You will learn how to get more quality leads, how to get more (and better) listings… And how to make more money in real estate.


More Than Just Expired Listings Training

We focus on how to get good, motivated “ready to move now” leads: expireds, FSBOs, short sales, web leads, referrals, inbound calls, Open House leads, direct mail responses… We work on how to turn those leads into appointments, listings and commissions quickly. How to price your listings better and how to get them sold. And of course, how to get more of them.


Beryl Metzger

"This is such excellent stuff! I have thoroughly enjoyed using your method and systems. I’ve tried so many different systems, and yours has been the only one that has actually worked for me.  I am actually starting to close  listings!  Your method really works for me, and I finally feel in control of my real estate career."

Beryl Metzger
Keller Williams
John McCalley

“I would highly recommend these and any other programs that you offer!! I have taken many courses over the years but yours is head and shoulders above them all. If you want to make a good, how about great living in Real Estate then call, write or run to Borino. I promise you will not be disappointed.”

John McCalley





Upcoming Live Sessions


  • Objections Buster – Tough Listing & Pricing Objections
  • Katana – Advanced Marketing Strategy for Expired Listings
  • Jump Start Session – Hot seat with [could be you]
  • Listed To Sold in 90 Days – How to Sell Any Listing in 3 Months or Less
  • Goldmine Interview – Listing Presentation Secrets
  • Confident Communication Part 1: First Contact
  • Pricing Pro – how to become a pricing expert, how to prepare more accurate CMAs and have better-priced listings
  • Be Like Jagger: How to stand out from the competition – practical tips to be different, get noticed, and get picked by sellers
  • Expired Clinic: Q&A with Borino — Expired listings questions, problems and tips
  • Trust — Why people don’t trust real estate agents, why trust matters with buyers and sellers, and how to become their trusted adviser in five simple steps
  • Blog Mastery — Complete guide on how to turn online writing into a steady stream of leads, listings, and commissions
  • Confident Communication Part 2: Connection, Rapport, Motivation
  • Stress-free Price Reductions — How to turn over-priced mistakes into hot listings and stubborn sellers into cooperative clients
  • Planning a Perfect Day – How to have a productive, profitable and enjoyable day. Be more organized and get more done — in less time and with less stress.
  • From Doubt to Belief to Habit – How to get (and stay) focused, inspired, disciplined and happy — while making plenty of money in real estate
  • …And Much More!

PLUS new ECHO Strategy, SOI on Steroids, Push & Pull Strategy, How to Crush Insecurity and Fear…and more!


Unconditional Guarantee

Try the Listing University and see if it works for you. You will LOVE the program and get great results quickly. If not, cancel ANYTIME with no long-term contracts or hassles. Just shoot us an email and you’re out without any future obligations — or hard feelings.



Come On Board

You know me… I don’t like hype and I will not insult your intelligence with some loud cheap sales talk. Just one thing. You’re not here because you have too many listings and too many commissions. I know you want more: more business, more money, more respect… And more life. Deep inside you probably feel like you’ve had enough of mediocrity and struggle. You believe you can do much better.I believe you can, too. That’s why I put this coaching program together for you.



This is your chance… right now.

Come on board, and I promise you’ll be amazed how quickly you can see great results. All it takes is the right information and inspired action. I’ll show you…



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