The Mud Ring

We’re pretty clever, huh?

A group of dolphins off the coast of Southern Florida have a problem. A life or death problem. See, the fish they hunt is way too fast for them.

The smart creatures they are, they do something no other dolphins in the world do. Instead of pointless chasing and starving, they have invented an amazing – and very effective – technique: The Mud Ring.

They swim in ever decreasing circles, stirring up the mud from the sea floor with their tails. They trap schools of fish inside the resulting ring of mud.

The panicked fish jump out of the water away from the ring — and straight into the waiting months of the other dolphins!

How clever is that?!

Being able to adapt can mean the difference between life and death. In nature, and in real estate.

Are you still chasing leads, picking up scraps and generally act like all the other starving (and desperate) agents?

 Then it’s time to change.

On Wednesday, August 1, I’m teaching a private group a brand new marketing strategy “Katana” (like the Japanese samurai sword — and just as powerful). It’s all about listing old expireds. Good stuff.

Come, join us.

I guarantee you will be blown away by all the private coaching I’ve lined up for ya. No more chasing. No more struggle.

There is plenty of fish in these real estate waters — I’ll teach you how to catch some! And have THEM come to YOU 🙂

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PS: Make sure you register ASAP so you can join us on the next live coaching webinar. I’ll talk to you on Wednesday! Oh, and check out this video to see the smart dolphins in action. Pretty amazing!


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